Engineering the biology of tomorrow

At Picea, we customize our versatile expression platform to offer solutions for the food & animal feed industry and to promote a bio-based economy.

Tailored Solutions

We specialize in developing tailored biological solutions based on market demands, utilizing a versatile platform that harnesses both prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.
Our platform is capable of producing highly pure or complex protein mixtures, always ensuring high yields. We continuously advance our techniques, integrating omics, high-throughput methods, and cutting-edge fermentation technology

Our Strain Platform

Trichoderma reesei, a filamentous fungus, is pivotal in our biotechnological applications due to its innate ability to produce enzymes at elevated titers. Leveraging its cellulolytic system, our platform facilitates efficient biomass hydrolysis. Additionally, through advanced genetic engineering techniques, we harness T. reesei's capacity to overexpress both native and heterologous proteins, ensuring optimal yields tailored to the sector's specifications.


The methylotrophic yeast, Pichia pastoris, serves as a robust host in our platform for recombinant protein expression. Its genetic and physiological attributes allow for high-density fermentation, resulting in a clean supernatant devoid of undesirable enzymatic side activities. This ensures the production of high-purity enzymes, meeting the stringent requirements of diverse industrial applications.


Bacillus subtilis, a well-studied Gram-positive bacterium, plays a foundational role in our microbial production system due to its genetic tractability and efficient protein secretion mechanisms. Renowned for its high productivity, B. subtilis aligns with our mission to offer both innovative and reliable production solutions for prokaryotic enzymes and proteins.


Our Biosolutions

Sugar Reduction Platform
We are working on the biotransformation of sugars into prebiotics and protein-based sugar alternatives
Protein Modification
Improving the functionality of plant-based food and beverages
Precision Fermentation
Developing fungal high-performance strains for the alternative protein industry
Biomass Conversion
Tailored enzyme cocktails providing the 2G sugars for the production of bio-based chemicals


We are scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers who are building the platform for CRISPR applications of the future.

With a distinguished team including co-founder and CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer  Doudna, we are addressing  challenges across healthcare,  agriculture, environmental  monitoring, biodefense, and  more.



At Picea Biosolutions, our team of dedicated biotechnologists, molecular biologists and bioinformaticians aspires to provide sustainable products for circular economy.

Our founders combine a unique skill set and work experience from leading biotech companies as well as top-level universities.